4 color choices make you want to fix the house right away

When the lights come on, the color of the wall will be very different from your imagination when buying paint.

1. Do not care about the effect of light

The lights come in many different colors, most commonly white, yellow. Under the influence of light, the wall color will be different from the color in the sample.

Therefore, without the advice of the architect, you need to conduct a small survey yourself. You set the color pattern you like in different corners, see how it looks under the lights in the room. As you can see, the color will become bright, dark, dazzling, softer than you speculate. At this point, you will easily adjust accordingly.

2. Forget the 60-30-10 Principle

Rules are for reference only, but for amateurs, do not skip the many years of experience. Indoors should have an area for dark highlights, where the neutral color stays open. However, if you choose a color block too much momentum will make the house too eye or bored.

According to Freshome , there is a simple trick to solve this problem. That is the law 60-30-10. The 60% is the area of ​​the background color with neutral tone. The 30% is the area for the second color. And the remaining 10% is the highlight for the room.

Rooms in the home should have a connection in color or style of furniture.  Artwork: Freshome.

Rooms in the home avoid large differences in color. Artwork: Freshome .

3. Design of separate rooms

Each room in the house has a specific function. In addition to the common living space, the members also have their own room. Therefore, you need to unify a style for the whole family, or at least each floor or living area.

The beautiful house looks good thanks to that link. Every room should have at least the same color scheme to blend in. The private rooms should have some color details or interior reminders of the living room, kitchen.

4. Forget the contrast

Some people want harmony, harmony, no opposition. However, if all the colors you use are the same, the room will be at risk of becoming boring with you.

Fortunately, you can easily fix this inexpensive error. You only need to paint a different color wall array, selecting a size item with prominent motifs is enough to create highlights.

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