6 tips to help the house minimalist without being cold

Furniture from natural materials and trees bring vitality without losing the spirit of the minimalist home.

Houses with little furniture make it easy to feel cold and empty. Here are tips to keep your living space cozy but still minimalist.

Avoid using a color

Instead of white and gray, use warmer neutral tones like beige, cream, and black accents. Thanks to that, the minimalist home will be more cozy.

If you like bold colors, you can also mix black with wood tones.

Photo: Asiaone.
Combining neutral colors makes sitting minimalist home less cold. Photo: Asiaone.

Take on the curves

Minimalist houses are often designed with many straight lines and angular, square furniture. To soften the space, put on things that curve like a bow-shaped tree light.

Use natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, rattan, leather bring depth to the house without losing the simplicity and cleanliness. Besides, the interior from natural materials often has neutral colors so it is easy to blend in with the overall house.

Enhance the light

The sun helps every home to be warm. In the absence of natural light, buy lamps with a color temperature of about 2,700K.

Plant tree

The minimalist houses that appear on social networks all have a lot in common. Trees bring vitality to the space, making the house less tedious.

Growing plants indoors, you need to avoid putting too many trees in one place and remember to trim trees regularly. Also, consider the placement of the tree to best suit. For example, trees as large as Fiddle Leaf Fig are suitable in the corner of the room while dark leaves like most red buds are best left in front of a white wall.

Trees help the house have life. Photo: House designing.
Trees help the house have life. Photo: House designing.

Dotted personal style

Pursuing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to drop everything. You can display objects according to your personal taste, just keep in mind that each item must have some meaning.




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