Tea table for small living room

The tables are compact, easy to move, in addition to enjoying tea guests can make dining tables, desks, suitable for living room with limited space. Tea tables are many families, especially in apartments nowadays because they do not occupy much space but still help the living room look polite and tidy. Shop VnExpress introduces samples … Read more

6 tips to help the house minimalist without being cold

Furniture from natural materials and trees bring vitality without losing the spirit of the minimalist home. Houses with little furniture make it easy to feel cold and empty. Here are tips to keep your living space cozy but still minimalist. Avoid using a color Instead of white and gray, use warmer neutral tones like beige, … Read more

House flooded with wind behind the 9 meter high wall

Hanoi The wall is surrounded by a house with 3 courtyards, creating a space that is both closed and open for inward couples. On the southwestern land in Long Bien, the couple worked in the art of building a home after a time of accumulation. As introverts, living closedly, they want a quiet, discreet, minimalist … Read more

The haunting scene at the abandoned mansion was once a symbol of wealth

These magnificent properties have been abandoned and are currently in a state of disrepair for reasons ranging from natural disasters to rumored obsessions. Bodium Castle (Sussex, England) was built in 1385 by a knight under King Edward III, with the intention of using it as a solid family manor. After the entire family died, the … Read more

The old couple turned their home garden into a masterpiece of art that everyone admired

Old couple Tony and Marie Newton, 71, began renovating the garden in 1982, paying more than £ 15,000 for the conversion, featuring 450 azaleas, 120 Japanese maple trees, 15 juniper trees . The garden in Walsall, West Midlands, is nicknamed the “four seasons” because of its year-round appeal. The couple, Marie and Tony Newton, both … Read more

10 kinds of vegetables are very good for pregnant women to be helping baby healthy from the womb

Choosing good vegetables for pregnant women to have a balanced diet to ensure the nutritional needs and good health of both mother and fetus is extremely important. During pregnancy , your body needs additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals. During the second and third trimesters, each pregnant woman needs about 350 to 500 extra calories per … Read more