Green House of Vo Trong Nghia in Ho Chi Minh City

Rapid urbanization has led many cities in Vietnam to lose much of their green space. Rapid population growth in urban areas and the loss of green landscaping not only increase the risk of flooding, but also cause air pollution and disturbance of the natural environment. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the urban areas … Read more

Ranked top 10 most beautiful villas in the world

Bel Air Spec Manor, Los Angeles This is the world’s most expensive real estate ever to be listed in the United States for $ 250 million by 2017. Defeat $ 100 million Playboy Mansion to the top of the list of the 25 Most Expensive Homes in Curbed last year. This 380,000sq.m villa has an … Read more

16 tips simple home decoration, creative, inexpensive

1. Use old-fashioned stone necklaces as curtain laces to give a Bohemian accent to your home. 2. Use the empty cover of old books to hide the router that looks unattractive in your room. 3. Use the stylus to draw a light on the light bulb and watch them scoop up the wall of funny … Read more

The trend of home decoration with the model of padded lounger super

The trend of home decoration by oversized furniture becomes hot. Long padded chairs are one of them. They can accommodate a variety of functional spaces from the living room to the bedroom. Their large size brings impressive beauty to your home. Your only option is to buffer with color, material suitable for the overall living … Read more


Trends in bamboo or rattan furniture are gradually returning to the popular list of many. Do not stop at the easy location: from the living room, kitchen, garden, … anywhere you like; It also offers classic, harmonic and warmth of living space. This trend also helps to satisfy the taste of nature by the owner … Read more

Beautiful garden swimming pool makes you can not take your eyes off

In recent times, the term “staycation” has been used extensively. In simple terms, “staycation” means taking the time to relax and discover the land you live in. This is a great suggestion for those who do not have much money to design a long trip. You do not have to pack or unpack your suitcase … Read more

Small tips to help cool the outdoor beauty of the summer cool.

The corner relaxes beautiful little lovers with color, personality characteristics and comfort to help people love more than small space chatting outdoor of the family. A summer hot again about. If you are lucky enough to have a relaxing outdoor space, this will be a great opportunity to try the lovely décor, which will make your summer more … Read more