Beautiful garden swimming pool makes you can not take your eyes off

In recent times, the term “staycation” has been used extensively. In simple terms, “staycation” means taking the time to relax and discover the land you live in. This is a great suggestion for those who do not have much money to design a long trip.

You do not have to pack or unpack your suitcase in a nuisance, instead you will find the joy of wandering in the garden, where many people think that it is not interesting.
Therefore, architects suggest that building a small swimming pool is a perfect idea to turn thegarden behind your home into a relaxing home for the whole family. So, do not skip the idea here, because you know you can choose a design “fit to cm” with your loved home!
1. Classic but still ultra modern
As most of the homes are simply designed, square enough to fit in with the surroundings, a nice little pool in the rear space will “crank out” your home and become lively. much more modern.You can also use this space to receive more guests.
With the design of a swimming pool with a rectangular shape, large 2.7 x 5.4m, cool feeling with the water with the fresh beauty of the grass next to it will bring sophistication and modernity to the courtyard. .
2. Break with the charming “winding” swimming pool
If the backyard of your home has the advantage of space, do not hesitate to create the curve for the pool and the harmony of color and construction materials. The curvature of the sketch will certainly create an artistic and romantic picture for the family who love nature and gentle, loving character.
Do not like the square – you can completely choose a few styles of swimming pools break the way for your home.
A swimming pool with fancy shapes.
The swimming pool with a waterfall makes your backyard look like an outdoor spa.
Deep pools – ideas are not bad!
Do not like the breezy swimming pool because of the “old”, and the more you do not like the square pool because it’s so messy – so why do not you invest in a deep pool? This is supposed to be a very smart design when given The space of the house is modern, delicate without wasting too much space.
Depending on the shape and size of the backyard you can choose the right type of pool. For example, your yard is rectangular and actually quite small, it is possible to build a swimming pool just like a bath.
Backyard space is small but when building a swimming pool, your house will look lively, much more modern.
4. Pools are not just a place to swim – it’s a place to share happiness
Do not assume that the indoor pool is just a place for you to wave in the water! By just pressing, blending harmoniously little blue, green color … add the way to paving bricks, gravel stone, add another set of wooden furniture you can create a small angle. enchanted This will be a peaceful place for you and your relatives to enjoy every day.
Small pools not only help to beautiful the backyard, but also give your family a romantic space for outdoor dining.

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