Tea table for small living room

The tables are compact, easy to move, in addition to enjoying tea guests can make dining tables, desks, suitable for living room with limited space. Tea tables are many families, especially in apartments nowadays because they do not occupy much space but still help the living room look polite and tidy. Shop VnExpress introduces samples … Read more

The young couple is famous for their Doraemon home

Both inside and outside the house of the Indonesian family are filled with photos of the cat. Doraemon is one of the most popular comics and animated characters in the world. Despite having two daughters, Reghina Karwur and her husband still love the cute cat. When it comes to building houses, the Indonesian family decided to get … Read more

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

The Ori Collection is on display at the 2018 London Design Festival, in an exhibition titled “Design for a Natural Home . ” They are designed according to a set of rules by Ekkist. “We tried to make this collection soothing. There are a lot of considerations, about the space and the air around the products when we put them … Read more

The beautiful time of the house over 100 years old in Tien Giang

Phu Hai still retains the intricate Asian architecture combined with European precious wood and marble. The Governor Nguyen Van Hai or Doc Phu Hai in Go Cong town, Tien Giang province has ancient space. Originally built, this is the home of Tran Thi Sanh (wife of national hero Truong Dinh). After taking refuge in the temple, Sanh … Read more

Close to the most prestigious houses in the world

The house is considered to be the most expressive character, the interest of the owner. Through the arrangement of furniture, the arrangement of objects and the architecture of the house, we can understand much more about the owner. Experiment with the above through the visit to the most beautiful and famous home planet. 1. Buckingham Palace (London, … Read more

Home to blend in with the terrain and nature

Price designed and built TreeHaus with its own architectural and construction firm Park City Design + Build. He founded the company with his uncle, Matt Price, in 2009, and the company is now run by Architect Andrew Foster. Chris also regularly participates in supporting his father’s projects. The main challenge for the house is its location … Read more

Kitchen with unique wall tiles

Simple or elegant, modern or classic, here are the wall tiles you can easily make the kitchen more sparkling, impressive. 1. Add a sub-color palette This wall is designed to impress on the same material but different colors. In principle, choose colors in the kitchen, you should choose bright or neutral colors. 2. Add subtlety … Read more

4 color choices make you want to fix the house right away

When the lights come on, the color of the wall will be very different from your imagination when buying paint. 1. Do not care about the effect of light The lights come in many different colors, most commonly white, yellow. Under the influence of light, the wall color will be different from the color in the … Read more


Small kitchen space is difficult to arrange neatly tidy. In order to create a warm and cozy space, it is necessary to have a skillful hand and a creative mind. Here are some simple ways you can decorate your kitchen . Only with the usual everyday items, you can make your kitchen more clean and … Read more