House flooded with wind behind the 9 meter high wall

Hanoi The wall is surrounded by a house with 3 courtyards, creating a space that is both closed and open for inward couples. On the southwestern land in Long Bien, the couple worked in the art of building a home after a time of accumulation. As introverts, living closedly, they want a quiet, discreet, minimalist … Read more

Super cute decorations make your desk more lively!

Decorative items plus gadgets for use in work make people hard to resist, have to withdraw the wallet to own them because so cute. 1. The flower-shaped scissors are both decorative items for desk decor, helping you find and use scissors as needed. 2. Adhesive tape is extremely cute gadgets that just beautify the desk and help you … Read more

Choose colors for beautiful home doors

Want to know the ideal color for your door? The first step, a bit strange, is to step inside by a door that reflects the aesthetic style as well as the interior design of a beautiful house in addition to the first impression on the face. money. And why not plan to show a little creativity to … Read more

Close to the most prestigious houses in the world

The house is considered to be the most expressive character, the interest of the owner. Through the arrangement of furniture, the arrangement of objects and the architecture of the house, we can understand much more about the owner. Experiment with the above through the visit to the most beautiful and famous home planet. 1. Buckingham Palace (London, … Read more

Decorate the baby room full of vitality with bright yellow

Yellow brings fun, warmth, excitement to the user. Therefore, many families choose the main yellow color in decorating their children’s room. Here are some designs of baby room with yellow make fresh look, fun you can refer The easiest way to add color to any room is to paint beautiful yellow walls. Children’s room is … Read more

The trend of home decoration with the model of padded lounger super

The trend of home decoration by oversized furniture becomes hot. Long padded chairs are one of them. They can accommodate a variety of functional spaces from the living room to the bedroom. Their large size brings impressive beauty to your home. Your only option is to buffer with color, material suitable for the overall living … Read more


Trends in bamboo or rattan furniture are gradually returning to the popular list of many. Do not stop at the easy location: from the living room, kitchen, garden, … anywhere you like; It also offers classic, harmonic and warmth of living space. This trend also helps to satisfy the taste of nature by the owner … Read more

11 ideas transformed into living space from the garage

Surely you will not believe that the living spaces are fully functional, beautiful and well-organized, and the facilities below are not renovated from the old, rotting garage. Not many years. But the truth is, the room color time to be blown new life with beauty, convenience. 1. Garage garage with basic ground painting part of … Read more