6 tips to help the house minimalist without being cold

Furniture from natural materials and trees bring vitality without losing the spirit of the minimalist home. Houses with little furniture make it easy to feel cold and empty. Here are tips to keep your living space cozy but still minimalist. Avoid using a color Instead of white and gray, use warmer neutral tones like beige, … Read more

15 surprisingly simple ideas to help your home with Japanese beauty

You want to have a space of Japanese beauty. The unexpected ideas in the article below will help you have a beautiful, simple and subtle home in the direction of Zen. To talk about the art of Japanese space decoration , you can talk about the beauty called Wabi sabi. Wabi sabi are wonderful ideas … Read more

Look beyond two stories, but this house has a mystery under the water.

With 2 floors and a water floor, the house is quite simple architecture but still very impressive. This is a floating house in Seattle, USA. The house is located in an area full of living indoors floating on Lake Union. Wide house 199m 2 , consists of two floors and one floor was under water. The center of … Read more

Strange house “two sides”, outside as ink, inside beautiful “the end of the world”

The house was almost 100 years old after being completely renovated last year. The house is located in the city of San Francisco, USA area of 232 square meters, built in the Victorian era more than a century ago. The house was not moved since 1920 and has recently been remodeled. In order to create … Read more

The young couple inherited a traditional Japanese-style house of nearly 300m²

This is the property the young couple received from their parents. This traditional house has been used for three generations of their grandparents. If you like traditional Japanese architecture, the house below is a gift for you. This traditional house is owned by a Japanese family of 4 people, has an area of nearly 284m² and especially its lifespan … Read more

Fill the little wooden house in the middle of the romantic forest

Willow Treehouse is a great place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for peace and quiet. Willow Treehouse was designed by Antony Gibbons – a designer from England. In front of the wooden house is a small lake, can swim. Surrounding the Willow Treehouse is a sprawling green … Read more

The house is unique monkey bowl between the mountains

Designed by Atelier architect Tsuyoshi Tane in 2017. The Todoroki House is located in a windy canyon in Tokyo, Japan, which is a region with a rather special climate with the ground wet and windy. dried. The home has been designed to address these two climatic conditions, through research into the architectural features of both … Read more

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Whether you are really interested in redecorating your living room furniture or just want to make some seasonal changes, Scandinavian style is always worth learning. Scandinavian style consists of three main components – functional, simple and beautiful. Despite the simplicity of the design, the lines are often associated with the discreet and warm elegance, which makes for … Read more