The house resembles a giant umbrella in Saigon

The strange roof structure makes the house become more prominent at the same time cooler, more airy. Two-story house of young couple in the corner of the alleyway in Saigon. Set amidst the dense masses, the building is prominent thanks to the shape and texture of the roof that is reminiscent of the umbrella. In sunny … Read more

The Japanese house is modernly designed but made near ground

Young families poured more land on the first floor to feel close to nature. The one-storey family house in Hiroshima (Japan) has a box-shaped exterior, other than the traditional sloping roofs here. However, the house is bold old architecture. The floor is called the doma, which is familiar in Japanese houses. Picture the main door leading to … Read more

Green House of Vo Trong Nghia in Ho Chi Minh City

Rapid urbanization has led many cities in Vietnam to lose much of their green space. Rapid population growth in urban areas and the loss of green landscaping not only increase the risk of flooding, but also cause air pollution and disturbance of the natural environment. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the urban areas … Read more

House more green space will make you want to get a heart attack as soon as you see it.

Architect Paloma Siqueira is the designer for every detail of this beautiful, cool home. As soon as the house is complete, it has led many people to go through jealousy. Architect Paloma Siqueira has planned everything, including lowering the house, carefully and carefully researching local biological features such as sunshine, ventilation, and shadow of unoccupied buildings … Read more

Nearly 100-year-old house of the young couple nice surprise after renovation.

This California couple decided to buy a wooden house built in 1920 and make it their dream home. Five years ago, Kelley and Greg Motschenbacher went to buy a house in Santa Barbara. With so many different choices, this young couple is attracted by a residential architecture that has been around since the 1920s. The house is too … Read more

The house is small but functional enough to make people dream!

The house is very small but very beautiful with full of functional areas necessary, they are designed creatively and harmoniously with nature around. This tiny house immediately gets the attention of everyone who views it because it is not simply a fully functional mobile home but also designed with transparent glass walls and the beauty of nature … Read more

House is where everyone wishes

Located in San Francisco, California, the house looks out of the ordinary but makes you wish you were living there With its distinctive design and decoration, this unique 1-0-2 property boasts a stunning view, enviable interior space and the first of its kind. Desire to live once in a lifetime. The area of ​​the house … Read more

A small apartment is only 26m ² but corner as beautiful as the hotel thanks to this style.

Small apartment decorated Scandinavian style suddenly became more lovely, is the space many people dream. How to decorate a small apartment just 26m²? This question must have posed a challenge in decorating, requiring both creativity and understanding of space to accompany the overcoming. Not to mention, this small apartment needs a bright, elegant visual image to compensate for the … Read more

Impressed with the 46m² apartment of couples use trees to make decorative accents.

Decorated with potted plants from big to small, in the sunshine of the sun, this small apartment will really make you unable to take your eyes off. Owners of apartments filled with green plants are Cecilia Elguero couples and Bret Winans. Previously, she lived in northern California, and when she moved to New York City, Cecila worried that … Read more