10 kinds of vegetables are very good for pregnant women to be helping baby healthy from the womb

Choosing good vegetables for pregnant women to have a balanced diet to ensure the nutritional needs and good health of both mother and fetus is extremely important. During pregnancy , your body needs additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals. During the second and third trimesters, each pregnant woman needs about 350 to 500 extra calories per … Read more

Experts point out 4 parents’ mistakes that hinder the height growth of children

Every parent wants their children to grow to their maximum height. However, there are misunderstandings or ignorance in the way parents care for a child that can make them lose the opportunity to develop their maximum height. Here, nutritionist Nguyen Hoang Anh, currently working at Worcester-UK University, points out the common misconceptions of many parents … Read more

The “love” habits of adults who doubt they can “kill” baby

Without vaccination and immature immune system, many of the “love” habits of adults such as kissing lips, cheeks can “kill” children. According to a warning from Dr. Do Tien Son, a pediatric specialist (USA), children have not been vaccinated until they were 1 year old, their immune system is not perfect so even if they … Read more

The baby owns the floating curly hair, netizens have just called the “super product”

It was curly hair bobbing like a doll that gave this girl a lovely appearance that caught every look. It is often said that children are the loveliest angels in the world because of their cute appearance. Who could hold back a beautiful child, big round eyes and chubby cheeks like dumplings. Recently, netizens “stood … Read more

This is how Korean mothers have applied to “speed up” the height of their children, creating a younger generation with respectable height

After giving birth, mothers can attend a training course to supplement their child’s height development knowledge under the guidance of pediatricians. Before the 1950s, Korea was known as the country where people have the lowest average height in Asia. At that time, the average height of Korean men and women was 1.61 meters and 1.54 … Read more

After reading this information, parents will not dare to let children wear the old children’s clothes again

The re-dress of children in other people’s clothes is not related to the matter of rich and poor, inferiority or contempt, but the reason is very realistic. Many parents think that getting back the clothes of other children for their children to wear will save some money, because children grow up quickly if they buy … Read more

The eldest son and the young daughter were sleeping, the mother lifted the blanket to check immediately blushing eyes at the sight.

Looking at the two brothers sleeping, the mother did not want to miss this lovely moment so she took the phone to take pictures as a souvenir. Le Le is an ordinary mother with two children in China. She is somewhat luckier than the mother of two other children, that her son and daughter are … Read more