Famous Noodle House in Beijing

Lukstudio has brought a new dimension to the Longxiaobao restaurant in Beijing, with a variety of zinc-plated wires and hangers designed as noodles.

From the entrance hall you will find the kitchen on the left and the dining area inside. At the end of the main door will be steel and copper plates with three blocks for each plate. Three different dining areas were created from concrete walls, wooden tables and box blocks. The first area of ​​canteen style with three rows of tables for busy office workers. The second area is designed in Chinese style with tables and chairs suitable for meetings or those who slowly enjoy the food. The other side will lie next to the stairs with “noodles” hanging from above.

Upstairs will be for vip guests with. This area will show the potential of steel wires. “Noodle” is hung above and drooping down to form a feature and highlight of the restaurant.