Fascinated with the usual dinner table suddenly turned into furniture shelves in seconds

This smart dining table, called “swing”, was added to the collection the night before from German Smart Living.

Just place this smart dining table at the place you want and place the food and drinks under the perfect wooden planks, you have the smart dining table. Turn on the switch, so you have a beautiful shelf, smart, save space mountains. The system allows the table to be transformed into a more neat tool when not used for eating. This smart dining table also has wheels for easier navigation.  

“Swing” is perfect for places where space is needed, especially in small dining rooms. If you own a small house, if you want a nice dining table but are afraid of having no seats, no place for furniture and chairs, this is a perfect choice. Smart Swing dining table will please you.

Meantime, or with a casual dining table turn into a shelf for a few seconds - Picture 2.
Entirely or with a casual dining table turns into a shelf for a few seconds - Photo 3.
Meantime, with a casual dining table, the shelf becomes a shelf for a few seconds - Photo 4.

The smart desk is on sale for $ 600.

Include the food, drinks necessary for a meal on the logs, your whole family will gather together warmly. After you finish eating, you fold the table by using the function of the system, put you into a very lovely shelf. Especially at this time, the table will be arranged into very compact shelves. You can also decorate pots, vases … if you want to eat as well as after you have folded tables. That is why homes with very small spaces should have this furniture.