Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

The Ori Collection is on display at the 2018 London Design Festival, in an exhibition titled “Design for a Natural Home . ” They are designed according to a set of rules by Ekkist.

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

“We tried to make this collection soothing. There are a lot of considerations, about the space and the air around the products when we put them in, “ said Catherine Aitken, another Country Designer behind the collection.

Each section is made from sustainable materials – Ash Ash and Organic Kvadrat fabrics – which have a minimal impact on the environment and do not contain toxins.

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

Guest beds are a good example of all the adaptability and longevity of the product. It allows you to live flexibly in your home. Hard ash pieces can be used as a sofa during the day or become a single bed, or extend into a double bed.

The idea of ​​this flexibility is realized through the rest of the collection. Tactile factor is a feature throughout, to encourage calm.

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

For example, the top of the coffee table is a large tray that can be raised, it is advisable to move around the house and allow the user to interact physically with the material. Similarly, small tables are designed not only to be used by the bed but also in the living room.

Focusing on the principle of moving light around a space, the wall mirror will have a hinge so that it can be easily adjusted to reflect as much light as possible, while encouraging interaction. 

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

This collection also incorporates biophilic design principles – a response designed for human needs that want to experience the natural world in a modern construction environment – by combining Natural patterns on the choice of shape, texture and fabric.

“Wood has a calming effect on the heartbeat, ” explains co-founder Ekkist, Olga Turner, “and homegrown farming strategies have been proven to help improve concentration and reduce stress. “

Some parts of the Ori collection are oriented to bring the plants into the home. There are thoughts that trees help clean the air, reduce dust and increase oxygen, and help increase productivity and concentration.

Furniture for health, pioneering trend in the world

“When I designed these parts, I imagined green,” says Aitken “They work and are really meaningful to plants.” We chose a green fabric for outer wrap, green is always believed to be a positive color. ” 

Ekkist is a UK-based design consulting firm, pioneering the design of human-focused buildings to conform to the WELL Building Standards, focusing on health and well-being. .

The Ori collection was designed for Ori House, a building in which the studio recently worked with Studio McLeod. Built using  non-toxic building materials , it is recognized as the first home in the UK to be specially designed to improve the health of the occupants.

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