Green House of Vo Trong Nghia in Ho Chi Minh City

Rapid urbanization has led many cities in Vietnam to lose much of their green space. Rapid population growth in urban areas and the loss of green landscaping not only increase the risk of flooding, but also cause air pollution and disturbance of the natural environment. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the urban areas most affected by these changes, through which the VTN architecture firm is developing a full-blown green house. This is a series of residential projects that incorporate green spaces as part of the design.

About this latest project, VTN architecture company led by architect Vo Trong Nghia has designed a “House to combine trees” to bring the close link between nature and environment. The main part of the urban planning neatly where the living space of people will reach the maximum when combined with space bonsai.Recognizing this as a “small indoor park,” VTN’s intention is to design a house with stacked concrete blocks.

A series of residential projects incorporating green spaces as part of the design.


According to the design team, “These concrete blocks will have a box shape of all sizes stacked randomly on each other. The horizontal concrete slab between the boxes will be the ground for growing plants. Interior design is just outside will apply to the living room and dining room where everyone in the family will gather together. Previously residential projects of VTN showed their design took advantage of the natural materials with the highlight of the wall of limestone.

The purpose is to bring green space into the living environment

The project is referred to as “small indoor park”

Design of materials in place and nature

The highlight of the design is the stacked blocks

The half-duplex design is both a dining room and a living room.

Terrace overlooking the neighborhood

The house was illuminated during the nigh