Small kitchen space is difficult to arrange neatly tidy. In order to create a warm and cozy space, it is necessary to have a skillful hand and a creative mind. Here are some simple ways you can decorate your kitchen .

Only with the usual everyday items, you can make your kitchen more clean and tidy.

Add potted plants to the kitchen

Bep dep, style decor

Add green grass to the kitchen more beautiful

– The kitchen is narrow, but it is not difficult to present a small pot of plants to add blue. Designing a pot of green trees into the kitchen helps to make your home more vitality. You will feel like walking into the garden itself.

– You can also use small items, such as sponge boxes for growing vegetables, can bring blue color into the kitchen and can save more money to have clean vegetables to ensure health for the whole family. .

Choose the background color for the kitchen

bep dep, decorate the room

Should choose the color of the kitchen is white or milk

– The color of the kitchen depends on the preferences of each family. It is best to choose bright colors that make the kitchen more spacious. Warm, natural color will be appropriate color and easily combined with other decorations in the kitchen.

– White is also the color of choice in the kitchen. Bright colors bring the kitchen modern beauty, airy.

Create a highlight with color

The decoration of the room, the night scene

Multicolor items make the kitchen a highlight

– All spaces can be beautiful by decorating more colorful items, especially for the kitchen.

– Use a variety of colors to enhance your kitchen.

Show fruit

The room was nice, room was nice

Fruit in the kitchen improves aesthetic value

– Fruit is not only good for human health but it also serves as an ornament. Colorful fruits make the kitchen space more prominent.

– You can place in the kitchen real vase or can be fake flowers also add aesthetic value for the kitchen. Fresh fruits also encourage family members to eat healthy foods.

Turn objects into decorations

bep dep don gian, decorate the room

Items are also decorations for the kitchen

– Kitchen utensils such as bowls, chopsticks, saucepans, etc., do not seem to bring aesthetic value, but it makes your kitchen more beautiful if you know how to use and decorate scientifically.

– Simply choose shapes, shapes and colors to easily decorate your kitchen.

Organize science kitchen tables

how to decorate your home, home decor

Arrange the kitchen table for a better kitchen

– Stylish kitchen cabinets make it easy to arrange everything in the kitchen neatly and neatly. Kitchen cabinets have plenty of compartments to help you easily find furniture if you keep them neat and scientific.

– This decoration also helps the kitchen space wider, more neat.

Creating more space

Decorate the room, decorate the room

Creating more space for the kitchen

Take advantage of all the space in the kitchen to save space and bring aesthetic value.

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