Super cute decorations make your desk more lively!

Decorative items plus gadgets for use in work make people hard to resist, have to withdraw the wallet to own them because so cute. 1. The flower-shaped scissors are both decorative items for desk decor, helping you find and use scissors as needed. 2. Adhesive tape is extremely cute gadgets that just beautify the desk and help you … Read more

16 tips simple home decoration, creative, inexpensive

1. Use old-fashioned stone necklaces as curtain laces to give a Bohemian accent to your home. 2. Use the empty cover of old books to hide the router that looks unattractive in your room. 3. Use the stylus to draw a light on the light bulb and watch them scoop up the wall of funny … Read more

Admire the gold-plated house

The male singer Nathan Lee is currently living in a house of 8 floors over 100m² with modern elevator system, the rooms are decorated with decorations, luxurious furniture, the class originated from Europe. The house is valued up to millions of dollars by being located right in the center of Hanoi. Singer Nathan Lee on … Read more