6 tips to help the house minimalist without being cold

Furniture from natural materials and trees bring vitality without losing the spirit of the minimalist home. Houses with little furniture make it easy to feel cold and empty. Here are tips to keep your living space cozy but still minimalist. Avoid using a color Instead of white and gray, use warmer neutral tones like beige, … Read more

The trend of home decoration with the model of padded lounger super

The trend of home decoration by oversized furniture becomes hot. Long padded chairs are one of them. They can accommodate a variety of functional spaces from the living room to the bedroom. Their large size brings impressive beauty to your home. Your only option is to buffer with color, material suitable for the overall living … Read more


Trends in bamboo or rattan furniture are gradually returning to the popular list of many. Do not stop at the easy location: from the living room, kitchen, garden, … anywhere you like; It also offers classic, harmonic and warmth of living space. This trend also helps to satisfy the taste of nature by the owner … Read more

Fascinated with the usual dinner table suddenly turned into furniture shelves in seconds

This smart dining table, called “swing”, was added to the collection the night before from German Smart Living. Just place this smart dining table at the place you want and place the food and drinks under the perfect wooden planks, you have the smart dining table. Turn on the switch, so you have a beautiful shelf, … Read more

Admire the gold-plated house

The male singer Nathan Lee is currently living in a house of 8 floors over 100m² with modern elevator system, the rooms are decorated with decorations, luxurious furniture, the class originated from Europe. The house is valued up to millions of dollars by being located right in the center of Hanoi. Singer Nathan Lee on … Read more