House flooded with wind behind the 9 meter high wall

Hanoi The wall is surrounded by a house with 3 courtyards, creating a space that is both closed and open for inward couples. On the southwestern land in Long Bien, the couple worked in the art of building a home after a time of accumulation. As introverts, living closedly, they want a quiet, discreet, minimalist … Read more

A 2-story rough Japanese-style house with a glass wall connecting with nature, hiding many surprises that many people enjoy.

When looking at this 2-storey house, everyone realized that, no need for elaborate decoration, choosing luxurious materials, just a little sophistication, a little aesthetic is enough to create a modern space, convenient. The owner of this 2-story house is a Zen-style lover. Therefore, throughout from the exterior to the interior of the house are trying … Read more

15 surprisingly simple ideas to help your home with Japanese beauty

You want to have a space of Japanese beauty. The unexpected ideas in the article below will help you have a beautiful, simple and subtle home in the direction of Zen. To talk about the art of Japanese space decoration , you can talk about the beauty called Wabi sabi. Wabi sabi are wonderful ideas … Read more

The garden house looks like the Nam Bo house (Vietnam)

Living space designed in harmony with nature, style garden houses South, furniture age over 50 years old. Hoc Mon garden house was built from the church of a family of generations in the South. After years of use and degradation, a middle-aged couple decides to renew their home for themselves and their parents are entering the … Read more

11 ideas transformed into living space from the garage

Surely you will not believe that the living spaces are fully functional, beautiful and well-organized, and the facilities below are not renovated from the old, rotting garage. Not many years. But the truth is, the room color time to be blown new life with beauty, convenience. 1. Garage garage with basic ground painting part of … Read more

Admire the gold-plated house

The male singer Nathan Lee is currently living in a house of 8 floors over 100m² with modern elevator system, the rooms are decorated with decorations, luxurious furniture, the class originated from Europe. The house is valued up to millions of dollars by being located right in the center of Hanoi. Singer Nathan Lee on … Read more