House is where everyone wishes

Located in San Francisco, California, the house looks out of the ordinary but makes you wish you were living there With its distinctive design and decoration, this unique 1-0-2 property boasts a stunning view, enviable interior space and the first of its kind. Desire to live once in a lifetime. The area of ​​the house … Read more

Billionaire Kyle Vogt is the owner of the most expensive house in San Francisco

Kyle Vogt, a co-founder of Twitch and Cruise Automation, spent $ 500 trillion to own the most beautiful and expensive home in San Francisco The starting price of the house was $ 28 million at the time of November 2015, but by June this year the price was reduced to $ 21.8 million. The price … Read more

European-style villas of Ly Than and Pham Bang Bang

Despite knowing the financial potential of Pham Bang Bang and Ly Than, people are still overwhelmed by the luxury villas, luxuriously designed in European style. Recently, the photo of the  beautiful luxury villas , spacious with the European style of the couple Ly Than – Pham Bang Bang has been published several news sites. Looking out, … Read more

Saigon river view apartment by singer Cao Thai Son to give his mother

All of the main spaces and bedrooms in Cao Thai Son’s high-end apartment have a large glass window frame, which is enough to bring luxury, light and a romantic view. Each corner is small. Singer Cao Thai Son gives his mother a nice new apartment with 4 bedrooms view Saigon River. Apartment recently completed interior … Read more

Admire the gold-plated house

The male singer Nathan Lee is currently living in a house of 8 floors over 100m² with modern elevator system, the rooms are decorated with decorations, luxurious furniture, the class originated from Europe. The house is valued up to millions of dollars by being located right in the center of Hanoi. Singer Nathan Lee on … Read more

Simple family kitchen with the presence of rustic wooden furniture

If you also love this cozy, homely feeling, do not forget to shop for family furniture made of natural wood rustic. The kitchen is a very common living space. Because each home, each home style and home owner’s preferences, the kitchen space is different. Some people like a strong industrial style. Many families choose the luxury furniture, classy for their … Read more