Waterfall 108 m covered the facade of the building

Operating costs are so expensive that Chinese landlords only open waterfalls for 10-20 minutes on special occasions. The building in Guizhou Province (China) attracts attention as it arranges a huge waterfall up to 108 meters high. Meanwhile, the height of the building is 121m. “Our building has a 4-storey water tank built underground, water is pumped … Read more

The house resembles a giant umbrella in Saigon

The strange roof structure makes the house become more prominent at the same time cooler, more airy. Two-story house of young couple in the corner of the alleyway in Saigon. Set amidst the dense masses, the building is prominent thanks to the shape and texture of the roof that is reminiscent of the umbrella. In sunny … Read more

The Japanese house is modernly designed but made near ground

Young families poured more land on the first floor to feel close to nature. The one-storey family house in Hiroshima (Japan) has a box-shaped exterior, other than the traditional sloping roofs here. However, the house is bold old architecture. The floor is called the doma, which is familiar in Japanese houses. Picture the main door leading to … Read more