The haunting scene at the abandoned mansion was once a symbol of wealth

These magnificent properties have been abandoned and are currently in a state of disrepair for reasons ranging from natural disasters to rumored obsessions. Bodium Castle (Sussex, England) was built in 1385 by a knight under King Edward III, with the intention of using it as a solid family manor. After the entire family died, the … Read more

Overwhelmed with the super villas “flying” price up to more than $400 million.

At $ 400 million, super luxury planes are becoming a trend in the aircraft business today. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a project of VIP Completions Ltd., designed by a customer. The living room uses a combination of many cold colors such as black, white, blue to create a modern space, luxury. Edése Doret 787 Dreamliner is … Read more

There are many villas but exotic, this beauty only at rental home in seven years

The actress decided to spend large sums of money to do this despite her having a lot of real estates. Shu Qi and her husband are a married couple who are talented music million fans admired. Both earn billions, own the million-dollar villas, but have a sudden decision about housing. Currently both houses rent for $ … Read more

21-year-old social networking star causing fever because sell the villa for nearly ten million dollars.

With an area of 1.4 hectares, Jake Paul is selling the villa for $ 6.9 million. Young people who regularly update news on social networking sites are no stranger to the Jake Paul name. Paul was first seen playing Dirk in Disney’s Bizaardvark. Born in 1997, Paul is only 21 years old. However, this number does not say … Read more

The house was circle, and it cost a million dollars, which turned out to be a special secret

Dubbed “Eye of the Storm,” the dome villa on Sullivan Island, South Carolina, is designed to withstand the deadly storms. The house was built in 1989 by architect X Dilling. Viewed from above, the house is covered by a monolithic white shell that can save energy. The house has a view of the beach with … Read more