The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Whether you are really interested in redecorating your living room furniture or just want to make some seasonal changes, Scandinavian style is always worth learning. Scandinavian style consists of three main components – functional, simple and beautiful. Despite the simplicity of the design, the lines are often associated with the discreet and warm elegance, which makes for a very casual feel.

Color of nature

Instead of bright, vibrant colors, the Scandinavian interior space is very fond of light colors. Consider the cool green or vibrant colors as well as the tablecloths or sofas.

The shades of white and gray

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Beautiful Scandinavian guest rooms come with minimalist, clean, and bright colors thanks to a palette of neat colors including white ceramics, creams, and pearls. Taking one step further by painting the entire room to highlight the decor, the ceiling and the skirting boards with other paint colors is an inexpensive but effective option. Later, more emphasis on furniture and decoration, such as a brilliant Turkish tapestry, is also well suited to the pillows on the couch and the picture hanging on the wall is well suited to the living room.

Make use of natural light

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

This  Scandinavian style guest house keeps the parallelism and alignment of the lines in the bookshelves, dining tables and rounded corners on the sofa with soft curves. This beautiful room combines man-made lighting with decorative lighting such as iron chandeliers and simple light tables.

Interference between old and new

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Beautiful interior designers always remember the rules of interior decoration is light and if every furniture and accessories are running the new trend, the whole will become too fussy, stuffy or lack of closeness of the family. In it, the interior should tell a story about the owners themselves. This green living room achieves that goal by blending classic and modern decor in a variety of materials such as wood, metal and crystal.

Create highlights on neutral backgrounds

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Scandinavians know how to live in small spaces and make use of every square centimeter of floor space and space with their interiors and textures. The TV set is neat and the cabinet is located in the niche just right and the combination of natural materials such as wooden chairs or jute weave cushion to create absolute comfort.

Guest room and library facilities

Another way to utilize wall-to-wall design is to design a living room integrated with this library. Do you have a large blank wall in the living room? Add some library shelves and a blackboard along with storage space.

Solid gold wood material

The beautiful house style European style beautiful soul

Crude gold is often found in living rooms in Denmark and Sweden. This color scheme works well with light palettes and raw materials or textures such as a rough brick wall or plain wall. Choosing glazed yellow glazed tiles and grasp the natural imperfections will give a beautiful room extremely attractive but very warm, noisy.

Use trees as a highlight

A crisp white panel with minimalist black and white walls can make the room very professional and bright. To balance the light and the natural in the beautiful home interior with the space outside with large bonsai pots or large windows.

These unique handmade furniture

These basic items must be at different heights and reflect your personality as well as your style. This Swedish living room is a perfect example. A standard sofa set with a lower tea table and lovely wool pads are arranged side by side in a generous but uncluttered way.