The beautiful time of the house over 100 years old in Tien Giang

Phu Hai still retains the intricate Asian architecture combined with European precious wood and marble.

The Governor Nguyen Van Hai or Doc Phu Hai in Go Cong town, Tien Giang province has ancient space. Originally built, this is the home of Tran Thi Sanh (wife of national hero Truong Dinh). After taking refuge in the temple, Sanh left home for the children. Grandson of Ms. Sanh took the head of the Nguyen Van Hai and lived in this house.

Surrounding the house is the garden with luxuriant trees, shady.

Currently in Vietnam, houses with Asian architecture in harmony with the Roman style are very rare. This is also the address that many couples choose to take wedding album or set the scene for many films with the French period.

Relief relief in the middle of the hall entrance to the house.
Yin-yang tile roofs bearing Asian architectural style.
Walk around the Roman-style arched doorway, bringing plenty of light to the house.
At the top of the column and the canopy embossed the pattern. Cabinets, tables and chairs are carved in elaborate Louis style. Materials are made of precious wood or marble. Thanks to that over a hundred years, the house still retains the beauty that many people admire when the opportunity to visit.

Through the ups and downs of time, almost preserved works are preserved with more than 350 decorative seals, platinum, nacre and 70 antiques. The house also has precious items such as cabinets, nacelle seats, marble tables, porcelain Chinese and Vietnamese 17-18 century. Prominent is the Bao Bao bed, which features various colored marble slabs, sculptured feet, mother-of-pearl inlay and two black marble-colored marble couches.

The meaningful words are carved in the house (right): Humanity is a precious, persistence in the world (the human virtue of the great, noble god) and pincers, The folk art of the Southern Song Dynasty is also decorated with carvings in the house (left).

Phu Hai is considered as the most ancient preserved house. Many foreign visitors also expressed their admiration for the beauty of the house. One visitor from England shared that this is the first time she had the opportunity to personally admire a house of such value. “This is also my first time in Vietnam. The architecture here stimulates my curiosity a lot, “the female tourist said.