What kind of beautiful house for you to neat?

What kind of beautiful house for you to neat?

Living room

Living room is considered the main space in each beautiful house. Old paintings and souvenirs can clutter your bookshelves, while wall cabinets can overwhelm unheard music or old game tapes.

Things to look for and throw away right now:

1. Picture is too old, worn or not related to the overall.

2. The souvenirs no longer fit the space.

3. Accessories do not make sense or create clutter.

4. Games that nobody touches.

5. Anything that is chipped or damaged.


The culprits that really make the kitchen mess may come from your neatly organized idea. The kitchen is where you can unearth the mountains of miscellany without knowing why they are there.

Things to throw away:

1. Any box or pot that is missing the lid.

2. Any home appliance that is never used or damaged.

3. Any canned food has expired.

4. The coffee or bag you have accumulated over the years.

5. Frying pans have been scratched or peeled off.

6. Sponge cooking sponges for a long time.


Wardrobes need to be periodically cleaned and other areas of the bedroom also need to diminish the density of furniture: over-decorative accessories, old books that have read off old clothes or things that are not fit. in jewelry box. Bedrooms are a place to relax after a hard day’s work, not a painting gallery.

 1. Overweight pillow in bed.

2. Clothes and shoes do not fit or can not be repaired.

3. Gifts are not used.

4. Bedding does not fit with bed.

5. Bedding is old and discolored.

6. Bra is stretched.


Wall-mounted bathroom dispensers and showers are ideal for beauty products or medications. Almost everything in the bathroom seems like it will ever need to be, but there are things that will not be needed.

Throw these things now:

1. Drugs expired.

2. Personal hygiene and cosmetics expired.

3. Lipstick you will never use.

4. Travel bags are promoted in the supermarket.

5. Any beauty products or accessories that you never use.

6. The toothbrush is frayed.

Entrance and hallway

The space where you walk in and leave the beautiful home every day tends to accumulate a lot of messy things like letters, papers, magazines. Not to mention some families put up closets at the entrance, often filled by accessories such as hats, bags, gloves … Let’s sort out the following:

1. The old invoice is not needed.

2. Newspapers and old magazines.

3. The keys are no longer relevant.

4. Coats or hats are no longer suitable, out of date or irreversible.

5. Gloves or missing one.